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Copier Solution provides office equipments at great values, but we also offer flexible financing. Our copiers are sold at prices substantially less with different payment options. We accept company checks, Visa, MasterCard and America Express. You may also finance your copier using our lease payment option.

For those customers wanting to lease a copier, we have partnered with several leasing partners to make your purchasing experience an enjoyable one. An equipment financing contract allows you to acquire your copier by making fixed monthly payments for the term of the lease. This affords you full use of your copier without spending all of your capital upfront. All leases are 24-48 month terms with a $1 buyout option at the end of the term.

Our copier bail-out program has become popular among our customers. The program allow our customers to have any copiers they need without the hassle of going through leasing contract and commitment. NO CONTRACT, NO COMMITMENT, NO HASSLE. We’ll conduct your copier’s need assessment, recommendation the copier(s) that can best perform your job, and deliver the equipment without hassle at monthly rent.

Like many of our customers, we are sure you will be very pleased with the affordable payments of your copier.

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